Rawfare is an Information and Resource Service that works closely with many Holistic and Raw Food Dietary Practitioners that specialize in Raw Food Lifestyles. We work diligently promoting the nutritional benefits of raw foods, superfoods, supplements, exercise and healthy living.


Rawfare was founded to provide and relay information commensurate with healthy raw lifestyles, medical research, offer choices for prevention of sickness and participate in events. Rawfare bring together like minded people and encourage them to Accept Responsibility For their Own Health.


DISCLAIMER: We are not Doctors. Based on 25years experience living the raw food lifestyle, we share valuable wisdom with what works well with most bodies. We recommend various products, supplements and low risk herbal remedies that have worked wonders. Any advice included on this website or in any of our publications is for information purposes only – it is not meant as individual therapy or cure. We shall be happy to provide raw food consultations / presentations.


Anyone considering changing their diet should first consult their General Practitioner, Dr of Naturopathic Medicine or Holistic Practitioner, particularly pregnant, breastfeeding women and those with specific medical requirements.


Any decisions or actions taken are care of your own choice.