Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is suffered by an increasing number of people, many of which are unaware of what causes their symptoms. People sensitive to chemicals can suffer from almost any symptom as a reaction to:


•   Liquids such as bleach, strong disinfectants, everyday household cleaning fluids.

•   Exposure to air for example hayfever. (Terpenes which are natural volatile chemicals released from plants

    such as pine needles, eucalyptus, cloves, pollen grains and in some cases organic varnishes.)

•   Hydro Carbons found in petrol fumes, paraffin and natural gas.

•   Cosmetics, essential oil fragrances, perfumes and deodorants.

•   Ingested artificial food colourings, flavourings and food preservatives. Worldwide basis approximately

    70,000 different chemicals are presently in everyday use in the treatment of food.




An allergy is an exaggeration of the body’s normal immune response to a substance such as food or pollen which causes a reaction. For example:


•   Bacteria, viruses and toxins.

•   Cases where peanuts cause immediate hives, lips and tongue swelling, breathing problems and life

    threatening anaphylaxis (true allergic reaction)


Some people are allergic to a whole range of common substances such as: pet hairs / pollen / kiwi fruits / pineapple / strawberries / tomatoes. There are only a few foods that cause a true allergic reaction. These foods are: nuts / eggs / fish / shellfish / cows’ milk / wheat.


The most common sites for allergic reaction are the skin and respiratory tract. The skin response causes swelling and aggressive irritation. Through induced urges to scratch the affected areas there is a risk of developing secondary skin infections.

Model pictured suffering allergic reaction to strawberries. This lady is also allergic to blackberries | cacao | caffeine | coconut | fresh apricots gooseberries | honeydew melon | kiwi fruit | mango | peaches | peanuts  raspberries | red tomatoes | sweet red peppers. Subjects’ food intolerances are: aniseed | artificial food additives and colourings  bananas | dairy products | fennel | gluten | hemp products | mushrooms  saccharine | wheat. Strawberries. This is what happens when I eat them.

Exposure to Air:  Predominant allergic response in the lungs is spasm of the small air passages causing asthma.


Digestive System:  Allergy to gluten (wheat protein) can damage the intestinal lining causing chronic diarrhoea. This condition is known as Celiac Disease.



Food Intolerance

Is a common condition that affects many people? The condition causes symptoms such as bloating, pain and flatulence; it is not a true allergy and has nothing to do with your immune system. Artificial food colourings, preservatives and the natural properties of food can make some people feel bloated and cause the onset of diarrhoea.


Consuming foods such as bread, dairy products, pulses, grains or fizzy drinks can cause nausea, headache and diarrhoea. Acid indigestion can occur after eating citrus fruits or spicy foods.