Results based purely on individuals’ experience of product use and change of eating habits.


Aerobic Oxygen

“At first I was sceptical, but now I would recommend everyone to try this wonderful supplement – what an energy booster”. “Big thank you Rawfare”. Barry. (Edmonton)


Black Walnut

“Daily use of this tincture rid my body of intestinal parasites within three weeks”. Ade Wolé. (Uganda)


Colosan Oxygen Supplement

“I found that using Colosan during menses eased cramps, enhanced blood flow and reduced period from 10 day bleed to 6 day bleed”. “Remarkable!” Bernadette. (London)


Magnesium Therapy

“I used Magnesium Oil Super Saturated pure mineral spray on my broken little toe. My toe healed completely in three weeks and I’m back playing my favourite sport”. Andrew (footballer) Herts.


Oxy-Powder best colon cleanser of the decade

Oxy-Powder (magnesium compound dietary supplement)

“Following 30day detox, I wanted to maintain my healthy digestive system and was encouraged to try Oxy-Powder. My energy levels are higher, I feel much healthier and I’ve lost weight. I certainly will continue to use this supplement and recommend it to others who have a desire to develop a healthy lifestyle”.  Rochelle (Enfield)


Biggin' It Up With Raw Advocates

Woody Harrelson article Metro daily newspaper



“Raw plant foods have helped me save my life. I only wish I had known about this way of living twenty years ago. Thanks Rawfare”. Jayne. (Barnet)


“Since going Raw I have realised cooked foods do not contribute anything in terms of nutrition, no more burgers and chips for me!” “Many thanks Rawfare, keep up the good work”. Simon. (SE London)




“I suffered with a severe bout of ringworm until I used Pi Fu Zhi Yang Pian (tablets) and Pi Yan Ping (crème) that eliminated the fungus in twenty days”. Celia. (NW London)



"I really appreicate people like you who promote this awesome raw vegan lifestyle. I'm from Poland and unfortunately places of this kind are very rar here! I'm living raw vegan lifestyle for 6 months now and this has been the happiest time of my life! I'm really committed to this and enthusiastic about meeting other raw-foodeis! Is there any chance of becoming a part of your wild team? I'd love to drop by for a lunch". Aleksandra Krajewska (Poland)