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Aluminium (tin food container) / Amalgam/Mercury tooth fillings / Fluoride / Tap water / Toxic waste / Traffic pollution; and that's just for starters!...

 a toxic lining

Food packed in Aluminium cans.

“Every can tells a story, every can has one”,  A Toxic Lining.


A main health issue surrounding canned food is the use of a substance called Bisphenol-A (BPA). It is used in the lining that acts as a barrier between the metal of the can and the food to stop the metal contaminating the food. Aluminium toxicity reduces the haemoglobins’ oxygen carrying capacity.


(information only: you can detox and alkalize your body efficiently using Aerobic Oxygen as prescribed by Holistic Practitioner. This result is based purely on individual experience of product use.) 

(BPA) is a suspected endocrine disrupter which means it can interfere with the body’s hormones. It mimics oestrogen and research has found links between the chemical and a multitude of health problems such as heart disease / diabetes / cancer / metabolic disorders. (BPA article: Ethical Consumer: EC134 Jan/Feb 2012)



Mercury from Amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys and immune system of children.


Amalgam fillings have been linked to Neurological Problems and Gastrointestinal Problems. A recently completed study of mercury and adverse reactions showed that of the symptoms looked at a link was seen to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders.


Amalgam fillings release highly toxic elemental mercury, one of the most toxic substances known. Mercury released from fillings is absorbed by the body primarily as highly toxic elemental mercury vapour it builds up in the brain, pituitary, adrenals, and other parts of the body.



Tap Water

As a rule tap water contains arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and many other unhealthy toxins. We drink water that contains a mixture of toxic poisonous chemicals detrimental to optimum health and wellbeing.


Arsenic is a very toxic heavy metal classified by the International Academy for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Category 1 carcinogen, it is definitely a cancer causing agent. Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment but humans have a hand in its presence as well. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the acceptable standard for arsenic at 10 parts per billion in tap water.


Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known to man and found in almost every brand of toothpaste, with no data to support its effectiveness in the fight against tooth decay. Fluoride is present in bottled water, baby’s formula and other foods. Fluoride is deliberately added to water. It is almost as poisonous as arsenic and is more toxic than lead.


Chlorine is added to water to kill certain bacteria. This chemical can be inhaled in gas form and absorbed through the skin which makes it dangerous. Once in the human body, chlorine bonds with other compounds to form Trihalomethanes (THMs). These byproducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body and cause serious cell damage. For research purposes it was added to rats' water supply and as a result the rats developed tumors in the liver kidneys and intestines. Even after this study which highlighted some of the possible dangers, the government continues to provide chlorinated drinking water to the public.


Other drinking water alternatives:

Rainwater Harvesting / Rainwater / H²O



Toxic Colon. (Colon the large intestine)

Compacted toxic waste as a result of an unhealthy digestive system including other environmental factors may produce the following symptoms:

                                • Backache

                                • Bad breath

                                • Bloating

                                • Body odour

                                • Irritability

                                • Lethargy

                                • Occasional constipation

                                • Poor appetite

                                • Weakened immune system

the human colon


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“How shall I seek the demise of offending affliction?”


A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body whether animal, mammal or otherwise. The human colon handles the bulk of food that is consumed throughout the day and sometimes late evening. The lining of the colon includes sensitive nerves and glands that aid absorption of food, applying particular attention to enzymes, vitamins and water.


When the colon is working properly, its muscular wave like motion (peristalsis) moves food through the system and eliminates unused substances in the form of toxic waste within 16 to 24 hours of eating.


A healthy body, with a clean and healthy colon, will have two elimination movements per day. They should be large, well formed, buoyant and not accompanied by a foul odour.


Over time the colon may become unhealthy. The ability to properly eliminate waste matter will be compromised. A combination of factors such as:


                                • Drug intake (side effects of prescribed drugs include constipation)

                                • Lack of exercise

                                • Lifestyle

                                • Poor diet

                                • Stress

                                • Other environmental factors


all have an effect on the colon functioning properly.


When the body does not eliminate its waste material effectively, deposits of waste matter build up along the wall of the colon or sometimes in pockets of the colon. The body would normally push out waste from the colon 16 – 24 hours of consumption of food. When the body is unable to eliminate adequately the waste remains in the body from days to years.


An average healthy body that does not experience constipation will carry approximately 5 to 20 pounds of faecal waste in the intestines and colon at any one given time. A body that experiences constipation or irregular bowel movement can carry up to 40 pounds of toxic faecal waste which will continually poison the body and its vital organs.


80% of all disease and discomfort can be related to a toxic colon. An unhealthy colon can adversely affect total health, including all the systems of the body.


Continued abuse and neglect of the colon will hinder the elimination process, the toxins that should be removed will continue to build up and be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This creates a serious health condition known as autointoxication or self-poisoning.


Autointoxication is the process in which the body literally poisons itself by maintaining a cesspool of decaying matter in its colon. The inner cesspool can contain high concentrations of harmful bacteria just as an underground sewer does.


The toxins released by the decaying process get into the bloodstream and travel to all parts of the body. Every cell in the body gets affected, and many forms of sickness can result. The condition weakens the entire body system. Autointoxication can be considered a cause for nearly any disease.


Not only does the decaying food produce toxic substances it also provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and blocks the intestine from absorbing good nutrients. This all leads to an unhealthy body.


Using Oxy-Powder  supplement may:

Relieve irritability associated with constipation / break down impacted waste accumulation in the colon / help restore bowel regularity for optimum function / provide vital oxygen for internal organs / cleanse and detox the digestive system / support immune system / assist the body’s food absorption process.


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“Big subject..!” Applies to and involves most of the worlds’ populace. Common vaccines: Chicken Pox / Hepatitis A and B / Human papillomavirus (for girls) / Influenza / Measles / Meningococcal meningitis / Mumps / Polio / Rubella / Tetanus and a few more.


A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism, and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe. The agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize the agent as foreign, remember it and destroy it so that the immune system can more easily recognize and destroy any of these microorganisms that it later encounters.


Justified Concerns relating to Adverse side effects of Vaccines:


Although breastfeeding passes many immune factors to your child, breastfeeding should not be considered a substitute for immunization. Research indicates that when breastfed babies are vaccinated, they will produce higher levels of antibodies in comparison to babies fed on powdered formula milk.


Raw food advocates are commonly known to disagree with modern day vaccination for their children. Breast feeding a child(ren) for as long as possible up to and beyond the age of 7 years, on a diet of rich raw plant foods and supplements is believed to protect the child(ren) from most common diseases and viruses.


You hear from your doctor, from the media, from brochures and articles you may read in your GP surgery waiting rooms, in baby day clinics and from your friends that immunization is the best thing to protect your child from a variety of diseases, there is another side to this declaration. Despite the fact that discredited Andrew Wakefield, British former surgeon and medical researcher, known as an advocate for the claim that there is a link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism (research paper 1998), there has been a growing lack of confidence in government-recommended vaccinations. Awareness to the dangerous side-effects and deadly consequences of vaccines has continued to grow. This research archive is a compilation of information concerning mercury in vaccines and their link to autism.


“MMR Doctor Wins High Court Appeal”.

A Doctor struck off over the MMR controversy was the victim of ‘inadequate and superficial reasoning’, the High Court ruled 7th March 2012. Prof John Walker-Smith was found guilty of professional misconduct by the GMC in May 2010 after conducting research suggesting a link between autism and the vaccine MMR. The Doctor, now retired, said he was ‘extremely pleased’ at the court’s ruling’.

Source: Metro - the world’s most popular free newspaper. Edition 8th March 2012 article publication page 6.


Vaccines are not mandatory, there is no law that dictates that you have to vaccinate your children and waiver forms for personal or religious exemptions are freely available.


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